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Laminate flooring underlayment is installed prior to laying a floor. Floor underlayment is placed on top of the concrete subfloor or existing vinyl or tile, creating a cushion that supports and protects the slats. Two of the biggest advantages of laminate flooring are its ease of installation and cost effectiveness. Available in countless wood grains, colors, and patterns, these materials can transform your home or business in as little as an afternoon. At the same time, these materials can be sensitive to moisture and tend to be noisy to walk on. Laminate floor underlayment creates a moisture barrier while adding comfort and noise reduction.

Laminate Flooring Underlayment Provides Moisture Protection

Wood and laminates are susceptible to moisture damage. Water can cause warping, peeling, and instability. Underlayment is used to block and absorb moisture, protecting the floor. This allows moisture to evaporate at the edges, preventing expensive moisture damage and unhealthy mold growth.

Cushioning Comfort

The cushioning provided by underlayment for floors adds comfort to your home or business. The foam padding acts as a pillow, supporting and cushioning each step you take. Durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and furnishing, our high quality laminate flooring underlayment provides long term support.

Noise Reduction

Floor underlayment works to significantly reduce the noise commonly associated with laminates, transforming the sound into a hardwood sound as you walk across it. The cushioning effect helps to block ambient noise, absorbing it, rather than reflecting it.

At The Floor Factory Outlet, we have everything you need to transform your home or business with high quality, beautiful hardwood and laminate flooring, floor underlayments, and baseboard trim.

Model No. : 3 in 1 Silver pad
Color : 3 in 1 Silver pad
Price :
Description :
Model No. : Sound guard Pro
Color : Sound guard Pro
Price :
Description : Sound guard Pro
Model No. : Sound Guard LVT
Color : Sound Guard LVT
Price :
Description :
Model No. : Mapesonic
Color : Mapesonic
Price :
Description :
Model No. : Floor Muffler
Color : Floor Muffler
Price :
Description :
Model No. : Cork 6mm
Color : Cork 6mm
Price :
Description :
Model No. : Cork 12mm
Color : Cork 12mm
Price :
Description :
Model No. : Asphalt Felt
Color : Asphalt Felt
Price :
Description :
Model No. : Husky Plastic sheeting
Color : Husky Plastic sheeting
Price :
Description :


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